Our team is here to help you win more bids
Partnering with iCabinets gives you direct access to our design and project management teams at no charge. Working directly with your project manager we will help you troubleshoot any issues so you can focus on your business. We will supply you with professional grade design and sales packets that will help you stand out from your competition. With higher levels of professionalism you will gain more trust with your clients which helps you win more bids.
Design Team:
You supply the measurements and our designers will create the 20/20 computer rendering for you to present to your client. We will also supply the kitchen blueprints which helps you work with other trades like plumbers and electricians.
Project Managers:
We help you schedule your project and help minimize the issues and risks. Your order will be delivered direct to your job site. Project manager work with you should any complication should arise. Quick shipping of replacement parts so you can keep your jobs on schedule.
Coaching Program:
Whether you are just starting or ready to tackle bigger projects we have the experience to get you to the next level. Our team is made of experienced designers, installers, project managers. We have also developed tools like sales kits, product sample.
How we can help:
  • Volume discount programs
  • Easy ordering
  • Free 20/20 designs
  • Free Kitchen blueprints
  • Product samples
  • Sales kits and resources
  • Coaching programs
  • White label services
  • Easy delivery to your job site
  • Minimize delays issues risks