Guides for every step of the process
Our 3-step process is simple, but there’s always more to learn. Check out our additional resources for how-to videos, photo vs measuring alternatives, and plan and rendering sample packets.
Sample Design Packet
Want a tangible peek at what kind of plans and designs we provide? download this sample iCabinets design packet so you’ll know exactly what to expect.
Measuring Guide
If paper, pencils and a measuring tape are more your style - that works for us, too. Download our traditional measuring guide to get started the analog way.
Let us show you how easy it is
Clear and easy-to-follow assembly plans come complete with every cabinet shipment, and each piece of your order is specifically labeled. You or your contractor can easily complete the installation - see how now!
Lazy Susan Cabinet Assembly
Wall Cabinet Assembly
Diagonal Wall Cabinet Assembly
Base Cabinet Assembly
Oven Cabinet Assembly
How It Works
Seeing is believing
From our free designs and color renderings to our installation troubleshooting, iCabinets strives to make this process the best it can be. Connect with one of our design experts to discuss your uniqu kitchen needs and ask all the questions you need to feel ready for installation.
Need help with a design, quote, or selecting the right cabinets?
First time designing a kitchen , not ours, we got this. We are here to guide you through this process. Our Designers have successfully completed thousands of kitchens from start to finish.