5 Reasons HGTV Uses Cabinets Like Ours

5 Reasons HGTV Uses Cabinets Like Ours

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Have you ever wondered what cabinets get used on your favorite HGTV Home Makeover shows?

We can answer that question because (humble-brag) we were the kitchen cabinet suppliers for for several of their shows…

I love that “reveal moment” on the show… when the remodel is complete… and the husband and wife are about to get their first look at their beautiful new kitchen.

What they see (and we all drool over in kitchen envy) are pre-finished, ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets…

…the kinds of cabinets iCabinets supplies nationwide.

What you may not know is the reason why RTA cabinets are the preferred choice for HGTV and DIY shows on TV (and probably for your kitchen renovation too).

Here are the 5 reasons Home Renovation Shows use RTA cabinets (#4 – Air Quality – is something really important to homeowners).


Everything’s Faster

Faster ordering, faster delivery, faster install, and a kitchen remodel that gets done 2-4 weeks faster.

This is the primary reason that TV shows pick pre-finished cabinets.

RTA cabinets are pre-made and ready to be shipped to your door in within 7-10 days of ordering, instead of 3-6 weeks for custom cabinets.

TV shows can’t wait… and neither should you!

Instead of delaying your project waiting for delivery, you can have your cabinets next week.

Forget something? Cabinet get damaged during construction? No problem. A replacement can be delivered in days instead of weeks.


Same Quality, Less Money

There was a time when pre-finished meant cheap flimsy particle board.

Think the cheap TV stand you got from Walmart for your first apartment or dorm room.

Now pre-finished and ready to assemble means quality.

…and it has made a luxury kitchen more affordable.

…and it costs 40%-60% less.

You’ve seen the shows. There is nothing that looks cheap or flimsy when the husband and wife see their new kitchen for the first time and start tearing up.

Maybe you felt that twinge of jealousy (I won’t judge). Wishing you could have a kitchen just like it.

Well, we can help make that happen.



Custom cabinets are beautiful. They can fit any space. They can be crafted and curved to any angle…

…but let’s be honest… most kitchens are standard sizes and shapes.

You don’t live in a Yurt or Hobbit home do you?

Then standard cabinet sizes will work for you, just like they work for every type of kitchen that you see on TV.

RTA cabinets come in so many sizes that they can easily accommodate most spaces.


Better Air Quality and Healthier Home

You probably already know that many of the home makeover tv shows are filmed in California.

What you might not know is that California has some of the strictest building standards in the nation (including indoor air quality).

The Old Way

The most toxic time during a kitchen remodel is when things are done the old way by staining/painting and sealing your cabinets in the home.

You can absolutely NOT live in the house when this happens.

If you are pregnant or have young kids, they should not be in the house for a couple weeks during this process.

That beautiful new kitchen that you are dying to see in color will leave you with a nose bleed and headache if you get too close when cabinets are getting painted and sealed.

The New Way

Your cabinets arrive. Get assembled and installed. And you never have to leave the home!

Not only can you see exactly how beautiful the new kitchen looks…

Not only can you move to the next stage of construction without delay…

…you can safely show your family and friends and know that your children can breathe clean air whether you are living there during the remodel or just checking out construction.

Our cabinets are CARB2 Compliant which is a strict California air quality requirement. It means you and your family don’t have to worry about toxic gasses coming from your wood.

You can just enjoy the home (and the air).


Know What the Finished Kitchen Will Look Like

Have you ever picked out a paint you loved… then realized it looked completely different when it was on the walls?

Have you ever made color selections and then had nightmares for weeks about none of the colors looking right together?

Prefinished cabinet door samples allow you to see exactly what the cabinets will look like with your countertop, backsplash, and flooring.

No guessing… no nightmares… no mistakes mixing the paint or stain wrong.

Make your design choices with confidence.

This is perfect for TV show designers who need colors to be right every time.

Guide To Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

Guide To Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

Online shopping for kitchen cabinets means shopping at your convenience – no pushy sales people and no crowded showrooms.  In-person shopping means valuable interaction with the product and a chance to ask question – no doubts on quality or gaps in service.  With iCabinets, you get the best of both worlds – personalized service and great quality products, all based online for your convenience.

Online shopping for a big purchase can be intimidating, so here are five of our most asked consumer questions:

1. “Can I talk to someone before I order my kitchen cabinets?”

Shopping online can sometimes result in costly mistakes because you are making decisions alone, but with iCabinets your order won’t be placed until you love your design and are confident in your kitchen cabinet choices.  Our design experts bring years of experience to every design they create, and kitchen designs are personalized to maximize your layout based on pictures, requests and measurements.  

2. “Will iCabinets help me if something is wrong with my order?”

Of course. Our mission is to empower your design decisions, provide great quality products, and troubleshoot any problems with installation.  This promise even includes free overnight shipping on missing parts or items damaged in shipping!  We’re here to ensure you are confident in your purchase – not just when it’s time to take your payment information or track your delivery.  

3. “I’m worried about quality. Can I see the product before I buy it?”

Yep. Our cabinet collection is comprised of the best-selling, highest-quality cabinets on the market – we sell plywood boxes and solid HDF doors, not particle board like so many of our competitors. We’re so confident in our products that we’ll happily ship samples of your favorite styles so you can see and feel the quality firsthand.

4. “Am I getting a good price on my kitchen cabinets when buying online?”

Our money-saving mantra is simple: we work direct with consumers to cut costs without cutting quality or service.  By ordering cabinets online that ship directly to your home you save up to 80% off big box store prices, allowing room in the budget for that beautiful new countertop you’ve had your eyes on…

5. “How will my new cabinets look in my kitchen?”

Imagining a new layout or color scheme in your kitchen can be difficult when simply looking at product photos online, especially in a high-impact room like your home kitchen.  We know how big this decision can be, so we take the guesswork out of your kitchen cabinet decisions with free design samples.  Based on just a few basic choices and digital photos of your home, our designer experts will create a color rendering of your future kitchen and continue to make changes until it is exactly as you imagined it to be.


Maximize Your Home’s ROI

Maximize Your Home’s ROI

Prior to putting your home on the market, your ROI can be raised significantly from a well-done kitchen renovation.  Whether you are flipping houses as a business or deciding to downsize after many years of family memories, iCabinets can simplify your remodel with our straightforward ordering process and experienced design team.  Our cabinets are solid wood and our kitchen designs are customized to your unique space – and all for 80% less than our traditional storefront competitors!  After countless successful cabinet installations and consequent home sales, we’re happy to share 3 of our time-tested rules to maximize your home’s value and minimize your stress.


  1. Trends don’t last.  A trendy kitchen motif can become passe as quickly as it became popular – but high quality cabinets will never go out of style.  Our carefully selected cabinet collection contains only the best-selling, tried-and-true styles to ensure your remodel will withstand the test of time and maintain the value of your home.
  2. Time is money.  There is nothing worse than a remodel project that drags on for weeks.  At iCabinets, we provide detailed plans with easy-to-follow labeling, and have project managers assigned to every delivery so that contractors can troubleshoot and keep the job moving. Remember – the sooner your new cabinets are installed, the sooner you can put your home on the market.
  3. Renew and refresh.  When remodeling a kitchen in preparation to put your home on the market, your goal should be to refresh the current space while appealing to the widest range of potential buyers.  Our team of experienced designers will ensure your new cabinets will seamlessly fit in with the rest of your home to refresh – not completely revamp – the feeling of your home.   


Before you list your home, consider maximizing your profits with a kitchen cabinet renovation.  Reach out today to learn how much you can save – and how easy the process can be – when working with iCabinets.