By Silvana Gargione

DIY projects – love um or leave um?  Depending on who’s piloting the remodeling ship, kitchen cabinet projects have the potential to turn into a huge money saver or a huge money pit. Whether you are a DIY civilian or a DIY captain (or fall somewhere in the uncertain waters) iCabinet can serve as a guiding light while you sail the seas of kitchen remodeling. The prospect of cutting out the middle man and taking matters into your own hands is exciting, but proceed with caution: there are a few key steps to ensure your DIY kitchen cabinet overhaul is a success.  



  • Plan, re-plan, and then plan it all again.  Time is money, and considering all possibilities before you start can be the simplest way to ensure that you get back in your finished kitchen before next Thanksgiving.  Can you keep the original floorplan? Does that wall really need to be removed?  Should your cabinets open from the left or center? At iCabinet, we bring 10 years of expertise to the table (pun intended!) to ensure that you are confident in your design before you start spending any money.  With free consultations, 3D designs specific to your space, and guidance on working with a contractor, iCabinet has your back during the entire planning process.  




  • Consider quality.  There are few things more disappointing than finding a product falls short of its marketed promise.  Often at a big box store, consumers are stuck choosing from limited inventory – usually also at the cost of low quality, minimal information, and high markups.  At iCabinet, consumers have access to factory-direct pricing on only the highest quality products.   If you’re looking for particle board cabinets, look elsewhere! Because we provide the transparent guidance you need to make great choices, you can be certain that your remodel will last for many family dinners to come.




  • Communicate With Your Contractor.  For a first-time kitchen remodeler, this aspect can be one of the most daunting.  Whether you are working with a new contractor or Uncle Fred is teaching you the self-install ropes, knowing the right questions is key to getting the job done on time and on budget.  Luckily, iCabinet provides excellent guidance – based on 10 years of industry experience as a retailer – with a series of free PDFs on what to say and when to say it.  With this expert intel in your back pocket, it is much easier to trust the partnership necessary to get the job done right.



Whether your cabinet remodel is a long-overdue improvement to your current home or a final upgrade for maximizing the value of your upcoming sale, the desired results are the same – finding great savings with a smooth DIY process using high-quality products.  With iCabient, you can get there.