Let us tell you a true story about a contractor we partner with regularly.

With a busy calendar of kitchen remodels already on his plate, Joe from Preferred Home Builders has been able to significantly grow his business 4 months.  Over the last year, he’s had only successful installations and on-time deadlines, raising his profit margins and lowering his material costs.

Now THAT’S some serious PROFIT and some HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

After materials, after labor, after paying for his own time – his business is profitable and he is seen as a reliable professional in his field.

But, that’s not how things were going 2 years ago…

Even though Joe was a great contractor he sometimes appeared disorganized and came up short on his profit margins  – simply because he wasn’t utilizing the right resources.

So: Why are you still LOSING BIDS while Joe is now raking in the PROFITS?

In this post, we’ll take a look at 3 things Joe changed that took him from losing many of his remodeling bids (and almost going out of business) to completing more kitchen remodeling projects than ever before!

Professional Kitchen Designs

Do your kitchen diagrams look like a napkin doodle? Joe’s did…

Now, Joe is having no trouble securing clients with prepared professional designs as part of a larger design package for each job.  

(Want to see what the full design package looks like? Click here and we’ll email you 3 examples)

What changed? Did Joe take a year off from working to attend design school? Did he have to learn how to use complicated programs or purchase expensive design programs?

Nope. The answer is so much simpler.  

Joe started working with a professional designer on all of his jobs. His clients went crazy over the professional mockups. They could easily see how amazing their new kitchen would look when they were presented with full-color images and 3D renderings, and that made them immediately trust Joe with their remodeling job.

Professional color designs easily set Bob above the other contractors giving bids.

Best of all…

The design process was free… and it actually saved him time.  Joe saved at least 2 hours per bid!  

He didn’t have to hand draw or fumble around with crappy designer programs to create his mockups anymore.

All he had to do was take down the measurements, shoot a few pictures, and upload them to iCabinets.com with the client’s color choices. He was also able to add or change whatever his clients requested – increasing his profits through add-on features with little effort.

24 hours later he had perfect, photo-realistic, professional designs that made the client feel like they were already enjoying their new kitchen.

 Professional Samples and Presentation

Ever get tongue-tied when describing a cabinet style or color? Ever realize your client hasn’t made a decision after spending hours of precious time with them in a showroom?

Joe changed his methods and proved that SHOWING instead of TELLING is the best way to seal the deal!

Joe started bringing a sample board of his best-selling cabinet styles with him to his client meetings.  With an presentation board on-hand at his client meetings, Joe instantly impressed his clients and saved himself hours of answering client questions about cabinet colors and quality.  

Joe now presents cabinet options immediately at each bid meeting – all while standing in the client’s kitchen!

This presentation method achieved 3 important things:

-Joe saved himself a time consuming trip (or two or three) to the showroom

-Joe communicated clearly and directly with no feelings of overwhelm

-Clients felt confident in quality and design so Joe can get started sooner (and make profits faster!!)

Want to hear the best part of the sample board?  It was TOTALLY FREE!

All Joe had to do was join iCabinets.com as part of their CONTRACTOR PROGRAM.  Once connected as part of their program, Joe received this valuable resource (along with many other forms of support!) totally free of charge!

Better Cabinet Supplier

Now to the really important stuff – the PROFIT MARGIN. None of the personalized client work Joe had been doing would really matter without the ability to PROFIT – and has he ever!

Joe made a simple switch to installing only RTA cabinets, allowing him to reduce his clients’ costs (aka winning more bids!) while still increasing his profit margin (aka more profits on more jobs).

So how was Joe able to do this successfully?

He partnered with iCabinets.com for factory direct pricing to cut out the middleman!  Plus, he leveraged iCabinets’ in-house mill to ensure quality control, and relied on their 48-hour shipping to minimize wasted time and start his projects sooner than his competition.

His competition waits 3-4 weeks for cabinets to arrive, while Joe can get started after just 1-2 weeks. That’s a MAJOR leg up on the competition!

Joe passed the savings to his customers and STILL pocketed larger, more rapid profits – just by using RTA cabinets that ship quickly and reliably.

Closing Thoughts

The secret to offering your customer a better price while raising your profit margin is partnering with a national cabinet supplier online like iCabinets.com.  

With the tools from iCabinets’ PARTNER PROGRAM, contractors gain the edge on the competition by presenting professional drawings and gorgeous sample boards to their clients – gaining client trust with no added effort or time.

Want to see what iCabinets.com can do for you?  Get the conversation started!  Request our free example designs and begin improving your business’ bottom line today.