Prior to putting your home on the market, your ROI can be raised significantly from a well-done kitchen renovation.  Whether you are flipping houses as a business or deciding to downsize after many years of family memories, iCabinets can simplify your remodel with our straightforward ordering process and experienced design team.  Our cabinets are solid wood and our kitchen designs are customized to your unique space – and all for 80% less than our traditional storefront competitors!  After countless successful cabinet installations and consequent home sales, we’re happy to share 3 of our time-tested rules to maximize your home’s value and minimize your stress.


  1. Trends don’t last.  A trendy kitchen motif can become passe as quickly as it became popular – but high quality cabinets will never go out of style.  Our carefully selected cabinet collection contains only the best-selling, tried-and-true styles to ensure your remodel will withstand the test of time and maintain the value of your home.
  2. Time is money.  There is nothing worse than a remodel project that drags on for weeks.  At iCabinets, we provide detailed plans with easy-to-follow labeling, and have project managers assigned to every delivery so that contractors can troubleshoot and keep the job moving. Remember – the sooner your new cabinets are installed, the sooner you can put your home on the market.
  3. Renew and refresh.  When remodeling a kitchen in preparation to put your home on the market, your goal should be to refresh the current space while appealing to the widest range of potential buyers.  Our team of experienced designers will ensure your new cabinets will seamlessly fit in with the rest of your home to refresh – not completely revamp – the feeling of your home.   


Before you list your home, consider maximizing your profits with a kitchen cabinet renovation.  Reach out today to learn how much you can save – and how easy the process can be – when working with iCabinets.