For a homeowner preparing for their kitchen cabinet remodel, it can sometimes feel like installation day will simply never arrive.  Once your delivery from iCabinets has arrived to your front curb, fight against your desire to hurry things along and instead do these three things to ensure a successful and smooth installation day:

  1. Check your Checklist: With every iCabinets delivery, you receive a detailed order inventory that reflects what each flat box should contain.  Carefully go down your inventory list and be sure that each box of your cabinet delivery has arrived in full. This small but important step allows iCabinets the opportunity to correct anything damaged or lost in the delivery process in a timely manner.
  2. Measure Twice, Install Once: Once your cabinet delivery is confirmed in full, use your kitchen rendering as a guide to remeasure your kitchen walls.  Moving left to right across each wall, compare the length of the actual wall to the rendering and confirm that they line up perfectly.  This is the time to be confident that the rendering matches your actual space, as iCabinets will happily accommodate returns and exchanges prior to opening any boxes.
  3. Rearrange, Reroute, Remove: Demolition is a tempting first step, but it should only begin once the cabinet order has been placed and you know exactly what your future kitchen will look like.  Are you rearranging or rerouting appliances? Are you removing walls or re-doing your floors?  Have you allowed time to paint between demolition and installation?  Take the time to find answers to these questions so your kitchen is ready for an easy installation beautiful new cabinets.

When you work with iCabinets to remodel your kitchen cabinets, you are receiving a custom kitchen layout and space-specific advice from an experienced designer – all with the convenience of quick shipping times, free delivery costs, and detailed renderings for installation day.  Reach out to one of our design experts now to get started.